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There is no stronger feeling than the stomach-sinking uncertainty when your trust is violated. That feeling will not just go away. It’s there for a reason. When two people spend years together you get to know each other very well and when something changes, even so slightly, you know. You feel it.

It’s that gut feeling that helps our service men fighting overseas or our law enforcement that has been on the streets long enough to know “something just isn’t right.” No-one knows that person as well as you do, not even their parents. Your with them all the time and have been for years. And now, for whatever the reason, the openness and communication that is so important to you seems to be gone; it’s been replaced with suspicion and doubt.

Why has he/she started wearing different clothes, changed the cologne/perfume, She’s been sending secretive texts. He’s been working later and later. Is he/she really out with girls/guys? Why is he/she always going out without me? Why is he getting off the phone in mid sentence when I walk into the room, or going outside to talk on the phone when I’m home?

All of a sudden he/she keeps his/her cell phone with them at all times. He/she all of a sudden has a lock on their cell phones. Why does he/she get so mad when I want to talk about or ask is there some-one else and all of a sudden it’s your entire fault. They’ll change the conversation to something totally different and blame it on you.

I can go on and on with example after example. But it only takes one to send your emotions tumbling and then you get that “gut feeling”, that self preservation lifeline that tells you “something just isn’t right”. There’s no turning it off. Once it’s on it’ll continue to eat at you until you can see for yourself that it’s either happening or not. You just HAVE TO KNOW!



Don’t let this “feeling” keep you from what’s important, your family. Find out what’s going on before it’s too late and it consumes you. A “gut feeling” is not always right on the money, but it’s close every time.

Here at CFIS we have someone waiting to talk to you and answer your questions at anytime. It doesn’t cost a thing to ask questions. Knowledge is power. Power that may help you overcome that feeling, or we can come up with a game plan to help you get the answers you need. So always remember;


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